Psoriasis Chronic skin disease


Psoriasis is a common and chronic immune mediated skin disease. The skin with psoriasis has patches of raised skin and a thick silvery scale appears on it. Psoriasis is commonly found on the legs, arms, knees, elbow, scalp, trunk and nails. However, it can affect any part of the skin. As psoriasis is not an infection, it is not at all contagious.

Psoriasis home remedies

The research for proper medication for psoriasis treatment is still in process. So people are now turning towards the home remedies. There are numbers of options for the psoriasis treatments.


Psoriasis home remedies include exercise where it helps in improving strength and range of motion. If the above both the factors improve then it will helps in eliminating psoriasis. Psoriasis affects more on knees and elbows, so inflammation occurs there then it requires very gentle exercise. The best exercise for psoriasis is swimming and cycling, as it improves both strength as well as range of motion.

Water therapy:

The powerful therapeutic Psoriasis treatment is water therapy, where the sea salts are added in water. This facility is available at many centers like health clinic, spa center, ayurvedic and holistic centers and many more such place. Skin specialist (Dermetologists) recommends having bath by Bokek Dead Sea salt for the patients suffering from psoriasis. Even for eczema and other diseases related to dry skin can have Bokek Dead Sea’s salt bath.


Until now, there is no such particular diet that has been proven to eliminate psoriasis. However, one can eat the food which he seems to be healthy. Healthy diet and change in lifestyle actually helps in treating psoriasis. But there are certain foods which help in clearing it so one can include that in diet.


As for the climate is concerned, it proves to help more if the patient chooses to stay at a stable and warm place. Stable and warm climate gives positive results. Furthermore, as discussed above, salt water with sun work either separately or in combination is used as for psoriasis treatment.


Splints are the tool that supports the joints. Splints helps in improving and relieving the swelling caused due to psoriatic arthritis. Other psoriasis home remedies like using ice pack on swollen and inflamed part will also help in reducing the swelling and pain.

Psoriasis home remedies if done regularly and honestly will help reducing the symptoms of psoriasis.

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